Simple Ways to Narrow Down Your Grad School Application List

Speech-language pathology (SLP) grad school

This summer, use your precious free time to compile a list of graduate schools instead of sending snaps from the beach. Because even though applications aren’t due until winter, you need to start the process of applying to graduate schools at least six months before the first one is due. 

But where should you apply? Submitting an application can cost you over one-hundred dollars! Choosing your schools wisely can save you cash and stress. Take our sage advice to tighten your application list:

Know What’s Out There

According to ASHA, there are over 300 speech-language pathology programs. Educate yourself about your options using:

Make Your Program Work for Your Professional Goals

Every program is going to give you a well-rounded education because ASHA says so. However, some programs tend to specialize (or generalize, if that’s what you’re into). Rush University has a medical focus. The George Washington University has a transgender voice clinic. Make a list of 2-3 “must haves” and a few “wish list” options to narrow the field.

But Don’t Neglect Your Personal Goals, Either

Location (and cost of living) and tuition should factor into your decision. It may not be the best decision to apply to schools that come with a cross-country move or hour-and-a-half commute if you can’t bear to be apart from your hometown. For the adventurous types, can you afford to pay tuition and live in New York City?

Choose Schools You Have A Likelihood Of Being Accepted To  (And Ones You Don’t!)

Take a good, hard look at your standings. How do you stack up against other students who are being accepted to the institution? If the answer is “not so hot,” that’s ok! Apply anyway but add schools that typically accept students with your hard and soft skills. Check Grad Café for comparative data.

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